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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient? Time To Make A Choice

Make Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows 1

Make Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows

Like everything has its opposites, vinyl windows have positive as well as negative impacts on a homeowner’s life. How? Well, at one end, they are responsible for ensuring ventilation, light, and warmth in the home while on the other hand, becoming the biggest reason for energy loss. The best remedy to avoid this problem is installing energy-efficient windows or making the recent ones energy efficient.

When it comes to replacing old windows, vinyl windows tend to be an ideal option, especially when it is about giving your home a new look. The construction industry has undergone advancement and developed in such a way that window manufacturers have started to pay special attention to constructing energy-efficient vinyl windows. The Energy Efficiency Act has set some guidelines and standards for the manufacturers to meet and if their products are not appropriate, no customers would prefer to use them.

Among the various available types of windows, vinyl windows have always got an edge with their multiple benefits- they have excelled over their wooden and metal counterparts for replacement or installation. Since metal is a good conductor of heat, it’s not suitable to install metal windows because they would allow more and more heat to come inside, thus making the inhabitants uncomfortable.

According to most home renovation experts, vinyl windows should be the final choice for homeowners as vinyl is a good insulator and the windows can increase the energy efficiency of the home. Since the windows are having air pockets in the center, they can make the home insulated and do not allow heat to come inside during summer while cold air during winter. The windows are made up of different internal sections that work for two purposes; increasing the strength of the structure and trapping air. Even, they are designed in such a way that they hardly have any space that allows air to enter or escape the place.

But the question is how can you determine what would be the best choice? Installing windows or improving the existing ones? Total Home Windows and Doors worked on this issue and come up with the following conclusions:

Adding Energy Efficiency To Recent Windows

When it comes to making your existing windows energy efficient, the company suggests you go with caulking, weather stripping, and storm windows along with using window coverings or treatments.

Now you would think what’s the benefit of adding every item. Well, storm windows will be ideal for improving comfort and reducing air leakage. Weatherstripping and caulking are effective in minimizing the chances of air leakage. Even, caulks are also useful for joints less than a 1-quarter inch, gaps, or stationary cracks whereas, weather stripping can work on movable building components like operable windows and doors. Window coverings or treatments can ensure a suitable temperature within the place. However, you have to keep in mind that window treatments are not efficient in reducing infiltration or air leakage.

Basic Instructions for Vinyl Windows Installation

The performance of vinyl windows is actually dependent upon their installation. It seems to be daunting for most of the homeowners but with the following basic instructions, it can be done properly:

  • Before going to order any type of windows, you have to be sure about your requirements and take accurate measurements for selecting the right size of windows.
  • Since you are going to install new windows, remove existing window frames and add new ones.
  • Place the new window frame and then the vinyl windows into the respective space. Be sure that there is a minimal gap around the edges or else, you would have to fill the space with an appropriate filter to prevent air from escaping the place.
  • After installation, check the mechanism of the windows by gently moving them back and forth. If you find stiffness, use oil or lubricating material to overcome the friction.
  • Once you are satisfied, finalize the fixture by inserting the nut or screws.

While following these steps, you have to take all the precautionary measures or take expert assistance whenever needed. Be sure to wear the right clothing in order to keep yourself safe from glass smashes and other injuries. For more information, you can visit and ask their experts.

Installing New Energy Efficient Windows

If your home is having inefficient windows, it would be better to install new energy-efficient windows instead of working on the existing ones. This will save a significant amount of your money and will help in reducing lighting, heating, and cooling costs. For this, you have to consider three factors:

  • Design
  • Selection
  • Installation


Before making a choice, you should have complete knowledge about the kind and design of windows that will go best with both interior and exterior. Total Home Windows and Doors recommends homeowners to pay attention to windows’ energy performance ratings so as to be sure about the efficiency of the windows they have the selection.


Once you have insight and knowledge about what factors to find in the windows, you can easily select from the following window types:

  • Awning: Open outward and hinged at the top. The sash is closed when it is pressed against the frame, meaning that the air leakage rate is lower than sliding windows.
  • Casement: They work just like an awning i.e. to close the window, the sash is pressed against the frame and does not allow air to easily escape from the place. They are hinged at the sides.
  • Fixed: The panes don’t open and if they are properly installed, they become airtight due to which, they are not suitable for places that need ventilation.
  • Hopper: Open inward and are hinged at the bottom. The sash is also closed when it is pressed against the window frame i.e. it works like a casement and awning.
  • Single-hung and Double-hung: In double-hung windows, both sashes will slide vertically whereas in single-hung, the upper sash is fixed and the lower sash will slide upward. Because they slide, there are higher chances of air leakage.
  • Single-sliding and Double-sliding: The mechanism is the same as that in single and double-hung windows due to which, the air has increased chances to escape from the place.


Once you have selected the type of energy-efficient windows, you should be thinking of which contractor to hire for their installation.

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