Select The Best And Energy Efficient Windows

Select The Best And Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Whitby

Select The Best And Energy Efficient Windows 

A couple of years ago, people used to select windows on the basis of their appearance and looks but with changing needs and environmental conditions, their demand has been switched to energy efficient windows that can help them in minimizing their energy cost. So the question is, how far should a homeowner go to select energy efficient windows? What are the factors that have to be considered while making a decision? The first and foremost thing is to know what type of replacement windows Whitby would be suitable for their needs.

Normally, experts suggest homeowners to make their choice on the following four factors: frame, design, glass and installation.


People usually consider wooden frames a good option because the material is less prone to cold and heat, compared to aluminum, and can help them to maintain the desired temperature in the home. What they do not know is that wood isn’t always a good choice, especially when it comes to utility-bill friendly components. To control their energy cost, they have to go with any other option, consisting of:

  • Vinyl: The material is less expensive and tends to be a good option for adding value as well as energy efficiency to the home. The material does justice with the money and keeps the users satisfied with its performance.
  • Aluminum: It is not considered as a top-performing material, especially for heat loss and transfer. Aluminum is particularly useful for humid and rainy climates or the areas that have hurricanes and need something strong and sturdy.
  • Wood Clad: Wood clad has proved to be a good alternative for replacement windows Whitby as they do not need much maintenance or care (more like aluminum or vinyl) and can resist temperature transfer to keep the internal environment comfortable.


Although material tends to be an important factor while selecting replacement windows Whitby, the glass inserted in the frame also has its own significance that affects the decision of the homeowners.

The quality of glass dictates the unit’s efficiency features and influences people to make their selection. Here, the rule of thumb is to check the Energy Star status that should meet the following two metrics:

  • U-value: used to measure the heat loss resistance of the unit
  • Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC): measures the amount of heat entering the home through the glass

The criterion for decision making is- the lower the values, the better will be the performance of the glass.


There are different types of window designs available in the market. Homeowners are, therefore, suggested to consult with the experts, by visiting Total Home Windows and Doors and asking what could be the best window design according to the architectural design of their home. The commonly used window styles consist of double and single hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows, picture windows, custom windows etc.


Once the replacement windows Whitby are selected, it’s time to ensure that they are properly installed and there is no space between the edges and frame that might cause energy loss in the home.

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