Three Things That Lead To The Right Front Door Selection

Three Things That Lead To The Right Front Door Selection

Three Things That Lead To The Right Front Door Selection

Replacing the front door can change the entire look of your home. The door is not only useful in adding value to the home but it will also allow you to save money in terms of energy bills. Even, a high-quality entry door can increase security and keep the inhabitants satisfied that they are safe. But, what if you are unable to enjoy any of the benefits? What if your door is not working in the way you have expected? Well, it indicates that you should replace it right away.

The thing that should be considered is not to select the wrong door. There are many styles of doors from which to choose for your home, including steel, wood, and fiberglass doors. You will need to determine which of these will best fit the architectural design of your home as well as other functions such as security and energy efficiency.

Which Style of Entry Doors Is Best For Your Home

Fiberglass, steel and wood doors have their advantages, as well as a few disadvantages. Steel doors have been in use for many years therefore they have a solid reputation. However, despite the fact that fiberglass is a fairly new material for entry doors, it has been proven to be both durable and energy efficient

. Wooden doors tend to be the most popular choice due to their sturdiness and refined style.

Fiberglass Doors

  • Resistant to rotting, warming and denting
  • Affordable
  • Can be designed to resemble classic wooden doors
  • Can be designed with an embossed wooden texture or smooth surface
  • Are able to be painted or stained to match the look of your home or style
  • Energy efficient and weather resistant

One thing that fiberglass doors have going against them is that they are able to shatter or crack under strong impact so it is a multi point locking system is recommended for added home security.

Steel Doors:

  • Highly durable and structurally sound
  • Filled with foam insulation for superior energy efficiency
  • Designed with a sturdy wooden or steel inner frame
  • Offer the highest degree of home security of the three types of entry doors discussed in this article
  • Can be designed with an embossed wood pattern or smooth finish and coated with a finish of baked-on polyester
  • Will not warp or crack due to their sturdy design

A disadvantage of steel entry doors is that they are susceptible to scratches and dents if these are not repaired in time. The addition of glass to steel doors will allow for heat loss which can render them less energy efficient.

Wooden Doors:

  • Stylish and elegant design for a sophisticated aesthetic appeal
  • Most resistant of the aforementioned entry doors to denting and scratching
  • Easy to repair or touch up with paint or stain
  • Solid wood doors are highly durable

Wooden doors are the most costly than steel or fiberglass entry doors and will require more upkeep to keep up their stylist appearance.

Make the Right Decision and Consider the Following Factors:


Since there a number of exterior doors available in the market, you have a wide range of designs and styles that might go with your home’s architectural design. Nowadays, it’s not just about a slab with a handle but, the doors can now be doubled, arched or given height. Before making a decision, Total Home Windows and Doors recommends having a look at catalogs of some of the manufacturers so that you can easily come up with the right choice.

Don’t limit your choice with budget or what is currently available. Be sure to contact a service provider that has a wide range of right front door selection and their representatives can assist you in decision making.


The nature and time of usage play a crucial role in selecting the entry doors. If the door is in regular use, you would have to go with the wooden door because they are of lighter weight whereas, if the door is intended to welcome guests, it should something less manageable and elaborating, like heavy steel.

Another thing to add in the front door is a heavy duty handle and locking system that ensures security and safety of the inhabitants as well as their belongings. This way, you can rest assured about the performance and protection of your home. Total Home Windows and Doors suggests you make up your mind and take a step right away.

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