How Vinyl Windows Can Help Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

How Vinyl Windows Can Help Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

How Vinyl Windows Can Help Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

Over 50% of homeowners have confirmed that their energy bills double during the hot summer months so they become dependent on air conditioners to cool their homes. This may seem like the easiest way to beat the heat in your home, but you can also decrease your energy bills by installing high-quality vinyl windows in Toronto.

Following are some helpful tips in which you can utilize your windows to reduce your energy bills during those hot summer months.

Use Shades or Blinds to Cool Your Home

Those who are renting a property might not be allowed to install items such as window films so they can make proper use of blinds or shades to help cool their home and reduce their energy bills. Both of these are excellent ways to keep heat from entering through your vinyl windows Toronto. In order for them to be effective, you need to install them as close to the panels as you can. In fact dual shades that are dark on the inside and white on the outside can help with energy efficiency.

Open Your Windows When During Cooler Temperatures

With the ever-growing popularity of air-conditioning more and more people are forgetting that something as simple as opening your vinyl patio doors in Toronto can help cool down your home efficiently. Despite the general summer heat, there are some parts of the country that have lower temperatures than others and even get to enjoy a nice cool breeze in the early morning and late evening. Both of these can drastically reduce the temperature by as much as 20 degrees. If you open your windows during these times it will allow the warmer air to escape while letting cooler air into your home. Once you notice a change in temperature, you can again close your windows.

Add Solar Screens or Window Film

Tinting products or highly reflective window films can prevent up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your home. In addition, they also provide a sense of privacy. The older window film products were designed very dark in order to remain effective which then prevented any sunlight. However, many of the newer products are being designed with a lighter tone which still guarantees privacy and protection from the sun’s warmth and damaging rays while still allowing for natural sunlight. But if you would rather have a mesh-like solar screen, they are also known to prevent as much as 70% of the sun’s heat from entering your home.

Vinyl windows Toronto has been proven to prevent the sun’s damaging rays from intruding in your home and driving up your energy bills. If you install high-quality vinyl windows in Toronto and take the advice above, you can greatly reduce your energy costs and enjoy cooler temperatures in your home during the hot summer days. If you install vinyl windows with an Energy-Star rating you can properly insulate your home year-round.

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