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Helpful Tips On How To Clean Your Windows

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Helpful Tips On How To Clean Your Windows 

If you are looking for the best Oakville Windows and Doors, vinyl windows are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide excellent protection, they also help greatly reduce your energy bill, which can save you a ton of money. They are extremely affordable and require little to no maintenance.

Even though quality Oakville windows and doors are very low maintenance, it does not mean that won’t need occasional maintenance and cleaning to help keep them in good condition to extend their lifetime.

Below are a few simple tips on how to clean and maintain your vinyl windows so they last for years

Always Use a Soft Cloth When Cleaning

There is no reason to apply hard pressure to scrub a vinyl window while cleaning. Simply wipe it down with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth to keep it free of dust, dirt, and debris. If it is absolutely necessary, you can use a mild cleanser on the harder-to-remove spots. However, it is recommended that you do not use hard and abrasive cleaners as they can wear down the seal, strip the window glazing, or scratch the surface.

Clean the Tracks With a Wire Brush

Dirt and debris can build up in the window tracks over time, thus inhibiting the function of the windows. It is recommended that you clean the tracks with a basic wire brush. If you need help removing stubborn dirt, add a mild cleaner and/or some water. NEVER use a knife, razor blade or other sharp objects on your window tracks under any circumstances as this can permanently damage the tracks.

Make Sure to Properly Clean the Vinyl

While the vinyl frame is mostly damage resistant, it can get rather grimy and dirty over time. However, it will not crack or warp due to water exposure or changes in temperature.

To clean the frame, simply apply some Murphy’s Oil soap to a soft cloth. You should avoid the use of any harsh cleaners at all times at this can severely damage the windows.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate the Tracks

If your windows are starting to stick (most likely due to debris stuck in the tracks), use a silicone spray to lubricate the tracks. However, please do not just use any old oil, silicon oil works best and will not damage the tracks. Simply spray a light coating and allow it to soak in. You can apply a second coat later if there is still an issue.

Clean the Screen with a Vacuum

You can clean the screens with a small handheld vacuum cleaner, or the attachment handle of your floor vacuum unit. Never use a brush or cloth. Applying too much pressure can cause the screen to break and/or crack.

Oakville Windows and Doors are affordable, stylish and low maintenance. These above tips will help keep your vinyl windows clean and in tip-top shape for years.

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