Details About Canada Greener Homes Grant For Homeowners

Details About Canada Greener Homes Grant For Homeowners

Details About Canada Greener Homes Grant For Homeowners

Homeowners in Canada have heard about the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Are you unsure whether your home meets the eligibility requirements? But don’t fret, and we are here to help clarify the specifics of the grant.

Did you know that energy-efficient windows replacement is one of the options for homeowners to qualify for the grant? New windows are just one of the many ways the grant helps homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. As well these improvements help protect the earth for future generations.

This article aims to help clarify the requirements of the greener home grant Canada. Keep this information in order to determine if you are eligible for the rebate program.

What is Canada’s Greener Homes Grant?

Have you heard about the grant but were confused by the term “greener homes?” Basically, the term implies working toward eliminating climate change while helping reduce the carbon footprint. This includes the conservation of electricity, heating and cooling energy, water, and other resources used in the home that wreak havoc with the environment. 

The purpose of Canada’s Greener Home Grant is to provide assistance in the form of rebates for home improvements. However, there are certain requirements in order to qualify for the grants. Check out the government website for the exact details of the grant.

The Canadian government has put aside as much as 2.6 billion dollars, which will be given out via rebates over the next seven years. In addition to the money from the rebate, homeowners will notice significant savings on their energy costs as a result of the upgrades from the grant. 

Homeowners may qualify for as much as $5k toward retrofit improvements for their homes. One of the conditions is a government grant for replacing windows. Conditions for edibility are provided later in this article. 

What Types of Grants Are Offered in the Rebate Program?

Two specific rebate programs are available from the government for those homeowners in Canada that meet the necessary requirement. The following are the rebates offered:

  • A rebate of up to $600 towards the payment of a home energy evaluation provided by EnerGuide prior to and following the completion of the retrofits/renovations. 
  • A rebate of as much as $5k towards home improvements via energy-efficient retrofits. This included Canada greener homes grant windows, heating, and other conditions discussed on the government website page for the grant.

Who Qualifies for the $5,000 Window Rebate?

Not quite sure if you qualify for the Canada greener homes grant? This section focuses on the requirements for eligibility for the grant for homeowners in Canada. 

Main Qualifiers for the 5k Rebate for Canadian Homeowners

These are the main qualifications for the greener homes grant Canada:

  • The home in question must qualify as the homeowner’s primary residence applying for the rebate.
  • The home must be one of the following types:
  • All-season cottage
  • Single home
  • Row home
  • Semi-detached home
  • Townhome
  • Multi-unit homes are not eligible for rebates for heating equipment but may be eligible for other conditions of the greener homes grant.
  • The rebate is not eligible for landlords that do not have permanent residence in the house in question. 

Retrofits NOT Eligible for the Home Rebate

The retrofits listed below are not eligible for the grant:

  • Equipment that is leased or rented
  • Roofs and skylights
  • Retrofits that were completed before 12/1/2020
  • Air conditioners
  • Storage or tankless water heaters (except for heat pump water heaters)
  • Furnaces and boilers (except for those in northern/off-grid areas(
  • Retrofits that were installed without an EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation

Retrofits Eligible for the Rebate

The following are the retrofits that are eligible for the rebate, along with some conditions of each.

Air Sealing

Homes in Canada, especially older homes, are prone to air drafts. Air sealing is one way to help protect your home from cold drafts and humidity. As well it is one of the retrofits approved for the rebate. The EnerGuide expert will give you a goal that aims to reduce air leakage in the home. 


The rebate program allows Canadian homeowners to upgrade the insulation properties in their homes. Sufficient insulation will not only help prevent heat loss but it contributes to lower energy costs. Luckily, insulation heat flow resistance qualifies for the rebate. Keep in mind that any insulation retrofits must be performed by a professional, and any parts must be purchased in Canada. 

The Following Insulation Types Are Those That Qualify for the Rebate for Green Homes

  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Exposed flooring
  • Exterior walls
  • Roof components such as an attic, cathedral ceilings, flat roofs, and so on)

MURBs (Multi-Unit Residential Buildings)

In order to qualify as a MURB, a building must adhere to the definition set forth by the National Building Code of Canada. 

According to these guidelines, a MURB is a low-rise building consisting of no more than three stories. The area of the MURB must not exceed 600 m2, and the building height must be above ground. The building must be stacked or contain a common area.

Retirement, row, and side-by-side homes do not qualify for the rebate program. 

Only the Following Retrofits Are Eligible for MURB Rebates:

  • Windows and doors
  • Renewable energy
  • Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Resiliency measures

Renewable Energy Systems

A renewable energy system is one where energy is derived from a natural source. The energy replenishment rate must be equal to or quicker than that of the rate of consumption. Solar energy is the best means of renewable energy. Installation of a solar PV (photovoltaic system) equipped with both panels and an inverter that converts natural light to energy is eligible for a rebate in the grant program. 

Space and Water Heating

While furnaces and boilers are not part of the rebate program (except those in northern and off-grid regions), a heat pump system qualifies. Heat pumps help reduce your carbon footprint while reducing heating costs. 

Replacement Doors and Windows

No one can deny the fact that door and window replacement is one of the best methods to improve your home’s energy efficiency and insulation. Total window replacement (meaning the window frame, glass, and other components) greatly lowers energy costs. As well it works toward the elimination of climate change and keeps your home comfortable despite the weather. 

The Following Conditions Apply for Grants for Windows

  • All parts and products must be purchased and obtained in Canada. 
  • Energy Star labels are to be kept on the windows until EnerGuide completes the post-retrofit evaluation.
  • Each rough opening of the window may receive a rebate no less than $250 but no more than $5000. 
  • The entire window unit must be fully replaced 

Contact your doors and windows company for a free quote for energy-efficient Energy Star-certified windows and doors

Resiliency Measures

There are specific improvements that can be made to your home that protect your home from damage caused by weather conditions and so forth. The following improvements qualify for the grant only if combined with one of the other qualifying energy efficiency retrofits included in the grant.

  • Waterproofing basement walls
  • Moisture proofing for crawl space walls, headers, and floors
  • Roofing membranes (self-adhering underlayment roofing applied to the roof in its entirety.
  • Those batteries that are connected to PV systems (photovoltaic)

How Do I Apply for the Rebate Program?

  • Apply for the Grant

Go to the website for information as to what the process entails. Make sure that you meet the requirements for the grant before applying. Choose a service for your evaluation by EnerGuide. Next, complete and submit the application on the website for the grant. 

  • EnerGuide Pre-Retrofit Home Evaluation

This step is required prior to the eligible retrofits. Any homeowner that tried to qualify for the rebate without an evaluation will be disqualified. As well, a post-retrofit evaluation is required in order to determine eligibility.

  • See if You Qualify for a Loan Toward the Retrofit

Once the EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation has been completed and you have determined which retrofits you are going to select, there is a chance you can get a loan toward the eligible retrofits.  

You must apply for the loan prior to starting the retrofits. The loan is to be applied to those retrofits that are both recommended by the EnerGuide evaluation and are deemed eligible for the rebate.  Keep in mind that these include grants for replacing windows, heating, insulation, and more. The loan is distributed once the post-retrofit evaluation has been performed by EnerGuide.

When Does the Rebate Program Expire?

As many as 7k rebates or grants of as much as $4k will be distributed to Canadian homeowners in the next 7 years. Keep on the lookout for updates from the government as to any changes in terms of the grant or other such information. The grant is for specific retrofits or home renovations that help improve the energy efficiency level of homes in Canada. 

For more specifics about the program, refer to the government website. Contact your local windows and doors company for a free quote to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home.

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