DIY Guide for Homeowners: How to Measure for Replacement Windows

DIY Guide for Homeowners: How to Measure for Replacement Windows


Homeowners today prefer to do many of their home improvement projects on their own. However, some renovations, such as installing new windows and doors, may seem a bit stressful. This should be done by a professional windows installer. But, you can measure for the new windows yourself to help speed up the process. Not all homeowners, though, know how to measure for replacement windows.

The following guide will give you directions on how to measure properly for replacement windows. If you follow these steps, you can get an accurate measurement to order your new windows! 

Tools Needed to Measure for Window Replacement

  • Paper/pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Ladder/ step ladder
  • Slide rule

Now, here are the steps on how to measure for replacement windows:

Pro Tip: Follow the golden rule of “measure twice, count once” to ensure that you are accurately recording the window measurements, as this will prevent you from ordering the working size windows. Inaccurate measurements would require you to reorder the windows, which could delay the process of installing new windows.

First step:  Measure and Record the Window Width

Carefully measure the width of the window at the bottom, middle, and top using a tape measure or a slide rule. Be sure to record each measurement in writing as you do so. Waiting to write all the numbers down until the last minute could cause you to mix up the numbers, resulting in a crucial error. Do not forget to take the width of the tape measure into account when determining the exact measurement.

*Do not measure from the extension but rather from the window frame or jamb to ensure that the measurements are spot-on

Second Step: Measure and Record the Window Lining 

As the majority of windows are made with either a plastic or aluminum liner, it is imperative to keep this in mind when measuring the window lining. Use the industry standard of one half of an inch if you are unable to reach the liner.

Third Step: Measure and Record the Window Height

Getting an accurate measurement of the window height is important whether you are getting retrofit windows (unit only) or total window replacement (window unit and frame) The most accurate way to do so is to measure once on the left side of the window, followed by the middle and then the right side. Keep in mind to measure from the highest point if you are installing high vaulted windows.  

Fourth Step: Measure and Record the Depth of the Window

It is extremely important to record the window depth when measuring for window replacement. Always measure at least twice to make sure that these numbers are indeed correct. Measure the depth between the front stops of the window frame. As most, people tend to neglect this step, which could result in ordering the wrong size windows.  

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