Guide on How to Paint Exterior Doors

Guide on How to Paint Exterior Doors

Choosing the Right Time of Year to Paint

Knowing how to paint exterior doors can help you achieve the best overall results. The process of painting can be stressful and overwhelming. Plus, it can be very messy. Choosing to paint your own exterior doors yourself instead of hiring a professional can be a risky move to make. While doing the paint job yourself can save you money, it can also compromise the quality of the finished project. It is important to take the time to learn techniques that will help your doors look great.

Painting your exterior doors can provide you with a lot of benefits. You will be improving the appearance of your home as well as its overall value. Making the choice to paint the outside of your doors can be a great improvement to make to your home that is simple and easy. However, seasons of the year are better for painting than others. For example, painting in the winter should be avoided at all costs. You might want to avoid painting in the springtime as well. Spring is notorious for being the time of year when it rains a lot. Painting should be done during the summer and the fall to achieve the best results. 

Following the Grain of the Wood

Learning how to paint exterior doors properly can affect the finished results. If you have a wooden door, you should paint with the grain of the wood. Going against the grain of the wood is going to make a difference in how good the paint looks when it dries. Do not be afraid to use multiple coats of paint on wooden doors to achieve the best final results. 

Choosing a Paint Color

When painting exterior doors, you should pick a color that matches your home’s rest. You should also consider how your home will look in comparison to the other homes in your neighborhood. You might consider choosing a color that fits in well with others. Choose a paint color that works well with the material of your door. 

Tape Off the Trim

The biggest mistake that people make when painting their doors is forgetting to tape off the trim. By taping over the trim, you are preventing yourself from getting the paint all over the trim. The paint on the trim just looks sloppy, which no one wants. You should also consider the type of paint you will choose. Some types of paint are better for exterior doors. Paint front doors can be a fun way to improve the look of your home without spending a lot of money. 

Achieving the Best Results

You can achieve the best results when you know how to paint exterior doors. Consider painting in one motion the entire time instead of painting in different directions. You should also paint on more than one coat to make the paint look nice and vibrant. You should also contact Total Home Windows and Doors to learn more tips and techniques that will be helpful. 

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