FIRST! Saving up to 12% on your energy bills.
SECOND! It protects you and your family from ultra-violet rays and makes your home environmentally-friendly.
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and FOURTH!!!
 You still receive the ENERGY STAR REBATE from us.

Max. Air Leakage Rate
A1 2.79
A2 1.65
A3 0.55
Fixed 0.25
Water Leakage Test
Pressure Differential (Pa)
B1 150
B2 200
B3 300
B4 400
B5 500
B6 600
B7 700
Wind Load Resistance
Test Pressure (kPa)
C1 1.5
C2 2.0
C3 3.0
C4 4.0
c5 5.0

CSA Standard A440 Windows

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has established the CSA-A440 standard. It is called an omnibus standard because it applies to windows constructed from diverse materials. It describes how to measure and rate a window’s airtightness, watertightness, wind resistance, condensation resistance, forced entry resistance, ease of operation, and other requirements. It also sets out minimum requirements for all components and their materials, from hardware, insect screens or weatherstripping, to finishes, adhesives and thermal performance. In addition, all windows must be designed to allow on-site reglazing.The CSA-A440 rating is a minimum to start with when purchasing new windows.Independent testing by accredited laboratories assures each model meets minimum levels of performance in the three categories: airtightness,watertightness and wind resistance. The National Building Code of Canada and most provincial/territorial building codes now require that windows used in new low-rise residential construction and renovations meet CSA-A440 requirements and have at least an A1, B1 and C1 performance rating