Outstanding Commitment

One of the things that consumers most desire in a windows and doors company is a commitment that goes above and beyond standard service and installation. We take pride in our products and services. 100% customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our reputation speaks for itself through the thousands of our satisfied customers.

Total Home Windows and Doors takes our customers needs and requirements with extreme seriousness. We work diligently to provide an outstanding experience from start to finish. Each of our windows and doors Canada is managed and installed with pride and innovation.

Our expert team is skilled enough to fit the right windows and doors to all of our customers’ needs. In addition, our doors and windows will enhance the look and feel of any business or residence in the GTA. Our products are unsurpassed when it comes to both energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Number One Choice for Windows and Doors Canada

Total Home energy efficient vinyl windows and doors far surpass other windows and doors materials, such as aluminum or steel. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice among Canadian homeowners who want a more luxurious and stylish appeal both inside and out.
Vinyl entrance and patio doors are an ideal way to create a lasting impression on visitors or guests in any office or home. Total Home Windows and Doors carries a number of quality vinyl porch enclosures, storm doors, and garden doors at competitive rates that any consumer can afford without breaking the bank. Vinyl windows are not only stylish but are also extremely flexible and designed to withstand many years and any type of weather conditions.

Vinyl windows are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, they will not rust, peel, or chip, which makes them eco-friendly. Their resistance to corrosion gives them superior strength and energy efficiency. Those who opt for vinyl window replacement will notice significant savings on their energy bills. All of these factors make vinyl windows and doors Canada a smart investment.

When the time to invest into new or replacement vinyl windows and doors comes, contact Total Home Windows and Doors. We offer a variety of styles, designs, colours, and finishes that can be custom designed to meet your needs.