Things That Can Interfere with Quality Window and Door Installation

Things That Can Interfere with Quality Window and Door Installation

Things That Can Interfere with Quality Window and Door Installation

Are you about to have replacement doors and windows installed in your Toronto area home? Are you worried that the installation process may not go as planned? Of course, you trust that the installers know what they are doing. However, there are a few things that can be overlooked if the job is not done properly.

Not only do you have to purchase quality windows and doors, but you also need to make sure that the contractor is adhering to the CSA guidelines. In this article, we will give you some hints on how to tell if your windows and doors have been installed correctly.

What to Look for in Quality Window and Door Installation

Here are some of the most important telltale signs that your windows and doors Toronto are properly installed:

Window Positioning

As you can infer, the window positioning refers to the placement of the window in the opening. If the exterior portion of the wall is 2×4, the window should fit perfectly. However, if the thickness is larger than the aforementioned amount, proper positioning of the window will rely on the window jamb size.

As we experience cold winters in the GTA, it is best to have the window placed as close to the home as possible, as it will prevent condensation and frost from accumulating on the windows. Moreover, it will prolong the lifespan of the window hardware, such as locks, sashes, and the sealed unit.


Obviously, getting the measurement correct is vital to the proper window and door installation. If the measures are even slightly off, the installer will have to make the necessary adjustments in order for the window or door to fit properly. If the installer has to widen window opening or you notice a gap around the finished window, this means the original measurements were incorrect.

However, if the window jamb size needs to be changed out, it means that the thickness of the wall was difficult to gauge. You can tell whether the window is too big for the opening if the insulation foam has not been applied or the window shims have not been installed.


Next to the measurement, proper shimming is one of the most crucial steps in window installation. Shims are needed to support the window at the anchorage point, or where a screw is used to fasten the window to the frame.

Depending on the window style, the shim location may vary. Shims are beneficial in that they keep the window from warping as it ages. Moreover, shims help keep the window in place. Properly installed shims will mean that your windows will last for many years.

Have any further questions about quality window and door installation? You can rest assured that at Total Home Windows and Doors, we will go above and beyond to make sure that your doors and windows are installed properly. We stand behind our products and installation services with a limited lifetime warranty. Call us today to shop for replacement windows for your Toronto area home.

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